Welcome to the animal island website. Animal Island is a free online book for anyone to read and enjoy. I love writing fairy tales about imaginary worlds, so I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. - Love Erica xxx.

Animal Island


Welcome To Animal Island#

Welcome To Animal Island

This is a fairy tale, about the adventures of a firefly called "Fred" who lives on an island. Essentially, like all good fairy stories this is a tale of good versus evil, an evil that is cunning and hidden, ready to deceive all and do anything to get what it wants. Please have fun reading it. The story is complete. So be assured that there is already a beginning a middle and a somewhat unexpected end.

This story is aimed at everyone. I believe your are never too old to read and enjoy a fairy story.

Erica x.

Why is the book Free?

I wrote this story for fun, so I thought I would publish it myself, cheaply, on the web and allow people to read it for free. If enough people like it I might consider being brave enough to publish it for real, well that's the plan! So we all win, you get to read a book for free (its nice to get something for free in this day and age). I am happy my story is sitting unread on this website, rather than sitting on my computer, in a file, not being able to be read.